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Melburnian author Andres Kabel writes fiction and nonfiction. This blog relates to his current major project, nearing completion, a narrative nonfiction history. In addition, his portfolio includes crime fiction, cultural reviewing, and blogs.

For an overview of published works and writing projects, past, present, and future, check out AndresKabel.com. You can email him at Andres@AndresKabel.com.


I’m writing a global history of nuclear power reactors. This blog was born in June 2017 with an expected of lifespan of five years, covering two phases. Prior to publishing the book, phase one will primarily serve to motivate me; after the book is out, phase two will allow me to augment and discuss.

Nuclear power’s history has held me in thrall for over a decade. Here I present some of my forthcoming book’s offcuts: unneeded engrossing snippets from my data or words, peripheral aspects shallowly treated in the book, and beguiling alleyways not pursued. Twice a week I’ll post a trinket. If you’re interested in energy, in recent global history, in technology, I’m certain you’ll enjoy this blog.