The Fukushima nuclear accident and one blogger’s efforts

One of the pleasures, if that is at all an acceptable term, of following the massive multi-reactor nuclear accident at Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi, was the role played by an enterprising blogger.

Will Davis, formerly a US navy reactor operator, kicked off his Atomic Power Review blog in April 2010. The blog is still live though less frequently updated these days. Davis presents and analyses nuclear power news, from very much a pro-nuclear stance, but with refreshing frankness and clarity. He tends to zero in on technical aspects.

I didn’t know he existed until March 11, 2011, the start of the Fukushima accident. Davis took it upon himself to curate and interpret the flood of information washing the world from Japan and elsewhere globally. Quickly his audience grew and for a very good reason: interested folks like me found it incredibly valuable. I looked forward to his posts and read them carefully, and I’m sure my comprehension of a complex, confusing event was lifted considerably as a result.

Will Davis’s daily Fukushima posts end up as part of the historical record? I bet they will. Indeed they’re already part of my notes about the catastrophe and will no doubt color what I write about it.

(Image from his blog site.)