60 Minutes says Australia should adopt nuclear

Tom Steinfort, 60 Minutes reporter, dominated the October 21 show with a segment titled “Going Nuclear: The Champion.” He visits Fukushima and dons protectives to go in as far as the spent fuel pool, full of accident rubble, of the melted-down Number 3 reactor. He visits the Darlington power station in Canada. He tells an Adelaide householder with large power bills (she clearly hasn’t been paying any bills for many months) a nuclear reactor would miraculously solve her problems. I came to the show with the viewpoint of an anthropologist, for much of the opinionating was plainly nonsensical (Steinfort spends quite some time with an apparent environmentalist-turned-nuclear-power-advocate I’d never heard of), and, I have to say, by the end of the show, I was rewarded by that sense of deja vu when you see old viewpoints reprised yet again.