Five Russian nuclear scientists reported killed

I’ve been watching chaotic reports of a Russian “nuclear” accident of some sort. The ABC (article “Russian military orders village evacuation”) has what seems like a good up-to-today summary of what little is available. And I’m not moved to spend much time on it, for purely selfish reasons. This clearly has nothing to do with nuclear power reactors in electricity-producing plants, which is my area of interest. Some kind of military test went bad. In most military tests, the only nuclear part is the actual missile or bomb, but in this case, they seem to be talking about a nuclear-powered cruise missile. If so, this is stupid adventuring on a grand scale. Mostly, the Western world decided by the 60s that any kind of plane or missile that is powered by atomic fission is too dangerous to mess with. Of course I hope that this isn’t a Russian calamity now being covered up but because this is not, in spite of the Twitterverse, Chernobyl Part 2, I won’t collect data like I did, for example, during Fukushima. Watching brief, that’s the designation.