Early lessons

Raja Ramanna led the team that tested India’s first nuclear device in 1974. Perhaps he learned dissimulation from an early atomic spy for the Russians, Canadian Alan Nunn May:

… in 1946 Raja Ramanna was being guided in his doctoral research by the head of the Department of Physics at Kings College in the University of London, Alan Nunn May, until one day his supervisor suddenly disappeared from the college. Nunn May had been tutored in physics at Cambridge by Patrick Blackett, worked in Chalk River in Canada on the Manhattan Project, and was supplying detailed information to the Soviet embassy in Ottawa during and just after the war, when Gouzenko revealed his knowledge. Nunn May was put on trial in London in April 1946 for treason and espionage, did not return to work, and was sent to prison for ten years.

Anderson, Robert S. 2010. Nucleus and Nation: Scientists, International Networks, and Power in India. University of Chicago Press, Illinois, p. 201.