Interesting times?

Walter Zinn used language directly, sometime ponderously, but often with flair. Here he is in 1954, writing to a scientist about to come work with Argonne for a month or so. Reading this, I ask myself: who informs Walter what is or isn’t “interesting”?

I am delighted to know that you can spend June with us. It seems to me that the pattern we followed last year would be desirable; come to Argonne for a week or so and then go on out to Arco [Idaho]. I will not be in Arco, except for any interesting times.

Zinn, Walter H. 1954. Zinn to Krisberg, May 3, 1954. “Reading File, May 3, 1954,” Box 100, Laboratory Director’s Reading File, 1949-1957, RG 326. NARA-GL, Chicago, Illinois.