Digging into the past is fun

I’m researching and writing about the peaceful atom but the thought did occur to me when reading up about the Manhattan Project, how did they come up with the colossal amount of money needed? Well, a New York Times reporter has recently done a deep dig into just that subject, namely:

It turns out that when Congress voted to fund the bomb, there was no debate and no discussion. Only seven lawmakers in the entire Congress had any idea that they were approving $800 million — the equivalent of $13.6 billion today — to create a weapon of mass destruction that would soon kill and maim more than 200,000 people, ushering in the atomic age.

Edmondson, Catie. 2024. “A reporter’s journey into how the U.S. funded the bomb.” New York Times, Jan. 17.

So it’s not true at all that everything has been discovered. Nor is it true that only professional academics can do the discovering.

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