A wedding in Chester

Geeky is as geeky does. On August 28, 1957, three days before Christopher Hinton left the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority after thirteen years during which he fueled his nation’s atomic bombs and launched its nuclear energy master plan, he wrote to the Superintendent of the Chester City Constabulary about his daughter’s upcoming wedding. His letter closes thus:

The bride will be coming from the Grosvenor Hotel and there should be no difficulty about this. On the return to the Grosvenor after the service, the three cars with the bride and bridegroom, bridesmaids and parents will naturally come from the West Door down St. Werburghs Street and will wish to draw up outside the Grosvenor. Will it be possible for your officer on point duty to let them cross the line of traffic to the front door? It is probably that the cars will not be carrying white ribbons.

Hinton, Christopher. 1957. Hinton to Superintendent, Aug. 28, 1957. AB 19/24. National Archives, Kew, United Kingdom.

Like other historical figures with kaleidoscopic viewpoints I have come across, Hinton also relished getting down into the geeky details.

Hinton letter